Go Solar

Juniper services are the complete established package of ecosphere. Our motive is to deliver equipment to store maximum energy in an efficient way.

1. Consultation

All your queries will be answered easily once you consult juniper energy for solar energy. By looking at your electricity usage through bill and home, we can design and install the best solar power system suitable for you.


2. Survey

Our expert team of surveyors will conduct a thorough assessment of your area (rooftop or ground) in order to determine whether your area is suitable for installation our team will then choose the best system accordingly.

3. Design and Study

After gathering all the information from the survey, our team of Engineers will design and calculate all the essential parameters required for the solar panel installation and to make the system work as efficiently as possible.

Design and Study

4. Installation and Activation

On the day of installation, our team will install the solar system in your presence and will show you how to activate the system according to your desired load management.

Let’s See if Going Solar Is Right for You

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