Commercial Solar

With improved operational efficiency, have a green label energy control system for your organization.

Why Juniper Energy?

Running a commercial business involves a huge list of expenses and on the top of that, the additional sky-high electricity bills can make your business even less profitable. So, to save your income, you should opt for Solar Power System! You will see a great decrease in your electricity bills right after shifting to the solar power system and this will surely be your best decision ever. The most exciting thing is that even if your energy consumption increases, your electricity charges will decrease and to be honest, who doesn’t want that.

Juniper has proven its expertise in the solar system installations, your satisfaction is our top priority and we guarantee that you will never be disappointed after availing our services of commercial solar system installation. You can’t risk the productivity of your million-dollar business by taking the services of any unqualified solar system installation company, so it’s better to call Juniper and let your business boost. We have the best team that will provide you with the most advanced, reliable and hassle-free solar power system to meet your daily emery requirements.

Highlights of Juniper’s Commercial Power System:

Whether you own a software house or running a school, we have the best packages designed exclusively according to your needs. Juniper plays its part in striving for a cleaner environment and a healthier planet. Despite being an emerging venture, juniper’s experience is none the less than the big names of the solar power industry. We are proud to bring sustainable energy solutions to you, serving hundreds of organizations internationally.

Some of the main advantages of choosing Juniper are:

Juniper’s knows how to build the trust of its customers. Our customer service team is devotedly providing 24/7 service to our clients. From deciding to choose the best energy plan for your business to providing a standby team to look after your solar power system, we are there with you at your every step. We provide both Federal and State incentives to help your transition to solar power. Call us now and discuss the finest and most reasonable options for solar power available for your business.

Solar is the most advanced and cheapest power source in today’s world, but it can cause you a headache if the installation and maintenance of the solar system are not handled properly. That’s why, with the latest technology equipment and proper maintenance, Juniper makes sure that your expectations are met, and you get the maximum return on your solar power investment. We provide a guarantee of our solar system installation because your time and money is dearest to us