4 Reasons to choose Juniper

Seamless Journey

We’re with you every step of the way, from the initial plans to the permits and paperwork.

Save Money

You can pay for the power your system produces at a rate that may be lower than what your utility company can offer.

5 Years of Warrenty

We offer monitoring and protection on your solar panels, so you have peace of mind.

Installation Included

Our crew has the experience and expertise to make sure your system is installed right.

Our Services

Feasibility study, design and engineering

Juniper design services range from shading analysis, roof panel layout, and performance estimates, to expected materials costing

Residential Solar Systems

Providing you complete escape from breakdowns and load-shedding with our Residential solar Systems

Commercial Solar Systems

Juniper has proven its expertise in the solar system installations, your satisfaction is our top priority

Energy Audit

Energy audits are undertaken to assess energy use and propose measures that might be taken to reduce consumption and costs

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Juniper Energy is not hyper-focused on accelerating revenues and growing our business but we prioritize and care for our environment. Being a forefront provider of solar solutions all over the world we are committed to reduce the carbon footprint.

Green energy source that is clean and the best way to minimize carbon footprint. Since it consumes no resources thereby, also not emit greenhouse gases.

Carbon Footprint

Let’s Explore Our Energy Ecosystem

Juniper is not just any other mainstream solar system installation company, we are an entire energy ecosystem. From offering the best energy saving plans to the life-long maintenance of your solar power system, we have got everything you are looking for!

Our energy eco-system comprises of Solar Panels, Batteries, and Inverters.

Let’s See if Going Solar Is Right for You

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